Executive summary
Tension was again in the air because the Board was convinced it would be another toxic meeting where they are berated over masks or some other issue. However, only ~4 members of the public showed up.  The meeting was well run, topic review completed, and the Board went into closed session at about 6:30 - the quickest time I’ve experienced.
Even with today's smooth meeting, it was clear the board is concerned about further disruption coming from community members both on the 20-May and 24-May meetings. Hopefully all community groups are represented to ensure no concerns are ignored.
Since tonight was the Agenda Review meeting, the discussion was oriented to identifying all information required for Board decisions. The only seemingly misaligned item was about Budget details. It seems like there is some confusion about budget details previously provided by Cedric Menchion. There was obvious need for further clarification, and the Board and Holly prioritized scheduling a follow-up meeting and rescheduled workshop.
DSISD Board Meeting
Shannon O’Connor and Marisa Grijalva are late because their children are getting awards.
Today is Holly Morris-Kuentz 8th day.

Public Forum.
Lynn Henson registered to speak, but not present.

Initial Topics
Agenda review 20-May @ noon. Why then?  The Board already had a budget review scheduled for Thursday at noon, but because the Mask topic interest is so high, they repurposed the meeting.
Holly announced they are actively collecting what other districts are doing about COVID guidelines. They are also tracking COVID numbers. Looking for Texas Education Agency (TEA) about summer guidelines. The hope is to have all of this information available when making recommendations for the Board approval.

Agenda Review
Stephanie Reinold will be sworn in on Monday, 24-May. She will be remote and the procedure done over video conference
Reports / Discussion
Learning and Innovation
19-May, at 5:00 will be a public meeting to review the final plans for Learning & Innovation meeting
Nurse presentation at next Board meeting
Discuss the 504 plan [504 plan is a plan for accommodating a student with disabilities in order to ensure they receive equitable education]
Mental Health issues, Mary Jane asked for details to be presented.
Joanna asked about District of Innovation (DOI) and Class size limits. Want to know specifics and how to resolve them?
Barbara suggested the discussion happens when the class size report is given.
Business services
Board budget workshop has been postponed. They [budget team?] continue to work on details and present to Holly. They are working with Sheila to reschedule.
The Board asked for an initial presentation next week. Several board members expressed concern. There are clearly different viewpoints of the budget preparedness.
Facilities and Operations
Clint is planning on giving a construction report with new pictures [!].  He is also working on a facilities tour.
Human Resources
Cypress Staff is ready
Board asked about EOY resignations - nothing seems unusual. Curious to know if anyone is resigning over COVID frustrations. 
Legal fees, city of DS has been giving a notice to the public.
Board of Trustees
San Antonio training in June
Consent Agenda
Projecting $400k loss because of unexpected COVID-related expense
Where is ESSER III funding going? [The American Rescue Plan (ARP) Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER III) provides over $12B to the State of Texas for public education, including over $11B directly to Local Education Agencies.] $1.3m. Details should be captured in Dr. Kidd’s report
Fund 240, Child Nutrition. Project $600k loss from school nutrition.
Discussion /Action Items
Schedule a Public Meeting - Discuss budget and propose tax rate on 28-Jun [initially proposed]. This is the same day as the workshop. Holly is interested in ensuring review is complete. Suggest rescheduling the workshop because the mask meeting shuffle. A new proposed date coming.
Class Size Ratios
Only one child exceeded the maximum - but they are remote. 
Dr. Kidd stressed how fluid class size can be, giving a report next week.
Dr. Kidd does not expect the DOI process to change.
​​​​​​​Meet and greet with Holly tomorrow - apparently details are listed on DSISD page
Closed Session
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