On what District-level committees have you served? What campus-level committees or organizations have you supported? 
I’ve had no direct Dripping Springs ISD committee involvement to date. However, I have been involved in many initiatives including: Girls in Science, Girls in Engineering, Rowing Association, Community Theatre, Distressed Family Support, and more.
The themes throughout my support (either direct participation or through donation support) is consistent:
Promote physical heath. From the earliest age forward, healthy kids perform best when well fed, well exercised and with exposure to the outside world.
Learn to think. While I have primarily focused on getting girls interested engineering and science, I’m interested in everyone learning the scientific method of thought.
Promote the Arts. I believe students should have the opportunity to develop creativity, learn to communicate, and enhance invaluable social skills. In my experience, some of the best Engineers I've worked with are artists. Creativity has many outlets- all having great value.

My goal is to apply my philosophies, as appropriate, to all board and committee engagements.
How many board meetings have you attended in the last year?
Although I have participated in several boards, I have only attended one in person Dripping Spring Independent School Board meetings. I’ve reviewed the financial plan, reviewed the current 5-year strategic plan, and watched a variety of board meeting videos.
After deciding to be more involved with the school district, I’ve met with several of the current board members to have frank discussions of my experience. My hope is that my career experience will be valuable for the board, but it will clearly take some time to come up to speed on historic and current topics. Everyone I’ve met seems positive and helpful, and I will dedicate the time and energy needed to familiarize myself with Board activities.
However, I want to be clear that I will be in listen-mode for quite some time. I’m an Engineer by trade and firmly believe in understanding what is needed before proposing solutions.

As a community member, which goal of the district’s five-year plan do you like the best? Which do you like the least and how would you change it?
While I support all levels of the 2016-2021 Strategic/Innovation Plan, my favorite aspect of the plan is the focus on Community Partnerships. The Dripping Springs community is changing. It is important to welcome new residents and continue to value existing residents. We are all living in a small community and many aspects of the community influence children’s development.
Dripping Springs is a collection of people with a surprisingly varied mix of experience. I’ve been introduced to many people during the Trustee campaign, and I’ve been blown away by the different paths of life people have taken to Dripping Springs. This experience and diversity create fantastic opportunities for our children's (and all of our) development.
What’s your position on local control, or local policy? Are there any current local board policies that you would like to see changed?
DSISD voted to participate in the District of Innovation in 2016, and the District of Innovation Committee is reconvening and making a recommendation in May 2021. There are many details in the Innovation plan from the last five years, but generally the plan seems to strike a good balance between compliancy with flexibility.
It's important that DSISD create an environment to develop and support students, employees, and families in flexible, effective methods. The goal of the system is to provide an environment that can meet individualized needs. 
With the final bond item (the administration renovation and relocation), the 12 current bond items will be completed. What do you identify as the most pressing issues that the board must consider in the next three years?
Even though the growth rate somewhat slowed in 2020, I fully expect the growth to significantly increase once we get closer to a post-pandemic normality. The construction rate in the Dripping Springs area continues at an incredible pace, and we continue to see technology companies moving to the Greater Austin area.
I’m pleased with the construction of a new Walnut Springs Elementary next to the Dripping Springs Middle School. However, I think it is likely we will need an additional Elementary school on the DSID property in the Headwaters neighborhood within the next three years.
Lastly, I’d like to see our buildings have a greater alternative energy emphasis. Not only will this reduce our energy consumption, but it's also ideal advertisement to show a modern and forward-looking school district. I can imagine programs like the Dripping Springs High School ‘Fab Lab’ giving students the experience of developing alternative energy knowledge.
What are your priorities beginning in May if elected?
Gather information from teachers, parents and staff, create a long-term strategy and ensure all resource requirements are met. I think all school systems have a lot of work to transition to a post-COVID system. While long-term programs are important, it is critical to get our students back to a balanced system of learning.

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