The Anti-mask movement is apparently planning on a community demonstration have students having to wear masks. A journalist reached out to the community to get more information. I have no information about the background of the movement or the reporter. However, my position on masks was misrepresented during the election and I wanted to make certain a deeper analysis was at least presented.
Below is the email I sent to the reporter.
Jala Washington - Jala Washington | KXAN Austin
Hello Jala,

Recently I ran for the DSISD school board, (my site is: After seeing your interest in the ongoing Dripping Springs anti-mask drama AND the Austin-American-Statesman misrepresentation of my position, I'm reaching to you directly.

Throughout my 4-week campaign I repeated how I'm not an infectious disease specialist, so voicing my opinions about the science wouldn't be overly relevant.  But I do see that we have some parents who believe we have no problems mixed-in with parents who have not left their house for over a year. The public school system must represent all the families in the district responsibly.

I’m not pro-mask, I’m pro-safety in a way that is systematic and with an agreed upon metric. The issue has exploded into a shameful level, largely I think, because of poor communications from the district and Board. I’ve specially called out the need for agreed-upon trusted scientific authority, and an agreed-upon metric. The entire educational experience has suffered tremendously in the last year and being in a perpetual lockdown is senseless. Yet unbelievably, the COVID numbers increased again in Hays county last week.

The people have spoken about their pandemic frustration with the election of Stefani Reinold, but we cannot disenfranchise parents with concerns of their children. My continued intention is for the Board to be successful because it makes the District successful. Direct parent involvement should be expected from all sides of the discussion.

It feels like we are so close to getting through this COVID mess. We are all ready to move on. The school board must ensure we balance our protective measures appropriately, have effective and open communications, and start the effort of rebuilding trust with the parents and community - and I’m afraid that last one is going to take a long time.
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