I’ve found that the best part of campaigning is the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. I’ve met many parents, teachers, staff – people just wanting our community schools to be successful. I would like to specifically thank all the volunteers who started working with me nearly two years ago. I'd never imagined running for public office, but I entered my name entirely based on my belief in public education.
Change can be difficult, and our community is changing rapidly. We are growing at such a pace that it can feel that we’re losing touch with the Dripping Springs culture. Additionally, we’ve all been facing a significant tax burden and cost-of-living increases which adds to the frustration.
The election clearly shows the majority's priorities. Congratulations to Trisha and Olivia. I wish the very best for board and district.
As a community and district member, and the father of a six-year-old, I will continue to be involved with the school district to ensure all students have exemplary educations and opportunities for success.
Thanks to everyone for the amazing experience.
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